Site Vibration Monitoring

On Weds 15th September, additional vibration tests were undertaken to investigate enquiries about vibration levels.

With regards to vibration and the limits set, Balfour Beatty conform to the relevant British Standards. In Rhyl, vibration monitoring is carried out at 4 permanent locations within our site, the position of the monitors was advised following an environmental risk assessment carried out prior to the construction works starting. Our latest surveys involved a roving vibration monitor which was used at various receptor locations immediately adjacent to piling activities at Garford Road and Splash Point, and the promenade haulage route just off Marine Drive

The monitors are calibrated to a lower setting than the vibration standard BS 5228 requires. This is a demonstration of our commitment to be a Considerate Constructor to the community in which we are working.

This latest survey on Marine Drive involved a 48-tonne excavator moving between the Marine Drive compound and the machine storage area in front of the Splash Point apartments. In addition, we surveyed the piling operation at Garford Road and Splash Point for the new beach access steps construction.

During testing we recorded the following readings, the results indicate that the values stated in BS 5228 were not exceeded:

Garford Road steps piling operation – a maximum of 1.05mm/s

Splash Point steps piling operation – a maximum of 6.75mm/s

Haulage route off Marine Drive – a maximum of 0.8mm/s

Details of the recordings can be discussed with our Public Liaison Officer at the visitor centre opposite the Alexandra Hospital.

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