Promenade Closure

With regards to the closure of the promenade, our post on the 20th May 2020 indicated we were planning on implementing the closure from the 1st June 2020. Upon reviewing this proposed date, we decided to delay this so the public could use it for an extended period.

The closure of the promenade will be in two steps: Step 1 will close it from the Pavilion Theatre to Splash Point. Step 2 will be the full closure from the Pavilion Theatre through to Rhyl Golf Course.

Step 1

We now need to close the promenade from the Pavilion Theatre to Splash Point to allow works to the existing promenade to commence. Diversion signs will be erected in the early hours of Monday 29th June to provide you with an approved diversion route. We will start to close this section from 8am onwards.

Step 2

We are working in the Garford Road area to erect our site boundary. Once this is complete in the next few weeks we will implement the full closure.

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