East Rhyl - Visualisations 2019
The East Rhyl Coastal Defence Scheme has been fully designed in 3D, in line with the principles of BIM Level 2. This has assisted with the design process, and will assist with the construction process. The below images are an extract from the engineering model, which have been overlaid upon satellite imagery of the East Rhyl area
Physical Modelling 2018
In addition to traditional numerical modelling, a physical model of the East Rhyl Coastal Defences was built and tested by the designers JBA Consulting to validate the performance of the design. 
Artists Impression - October 2018
Ground Investigation Works - October 2017

The East Rhyl Coastal Defence Scheme will reduce the risk of coastal flooding in the Garford Road area of East Rhyl.

The East Rhyl Coastal Defence Scheme is led by Denbighshire County Council, with support from the Welsh Government. Balfour Beatty has been appointed as the main contractor to deliver the Coastal Defence Scheme, and is currently working with Denbighshire County Council, and the Environmental and Engineering Consultancy JBA Consulting through early design and development works.

The project will involve the construction of a rock revetment structure immediately in front of the existing sea wall, with improvements to the existing wall over a length of around four hundred metres, from Splash Point heading East.

The East Rhyl Project will expand upon the recently completed flood storage works completed by Denbighshire County Council since the coastal flood event in 2013.

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